C2713: Duplo Playground

Key data

Category: C27 - Duplo

Location: O (On loan)

Age range: 2-5 years

Number of pieces: 73

Number of unique pieces: 48


1 2 piece green plastic storage box

1 ideas booklet

1 6x12 lime green rectangle base

1 4x8 lime green rectangle base

1 2x8 lime green rectangle base

2 4x4 yellow square bases

1 2x6 mustardy yellow rectangle base

1 2x4 mustardy yellow rectangle base

1 yellow window/door block

1 4x4 red square base

2 2x6 brown rectangle bases

1 brown window/door block

1 blue window frame

1 blue door

2 light blue pieces of slides

1 blue ladder

1 light blue swing seat

1 black ladder base block

1 black 4-wheel car base

2 2x4 blue rectangle bricks

2 2x4 orange rectangle bricks

2 2x2 curved brown bricks

1 2x2 curved lime green brick

1 2x3 curved lime green brick

1 2x4 curved green brick

1 2x2 curved red brick

1 2x2 curved pink brick

1 2x2 curved orange brick

2 2x2 curved green bricks

1 2x2 orange basic brick

1 2x2 blue basic brick

2 2x2 brown basic bricks

2 2x2 green basic bricks

4 2x2 yellow basic bricks

4 2x2 pink basic bricks

1 2x1 red flat brick

3 2x1 brown flat bricks

4 2x1 yellow flat bricks

2 red X shape bricks

1 yellow/purple flexible brick

3 flower s

2 lime green bush bricks

1 flag

1 mustardy yellow roof piece

1 yellow windmill piece

1 shovel

1 2x2 lime green brick with a connector on the side

2 people



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